royal mansour engagagment session

Engagement Session

This is my welcoming offer* to you.
From my experience as a photographer, this will be a unique opportunity for us to meet and initiate the bond as photographer/bride+groom. In a relaxed way, we will establish a connection between you, me and the camera.
This will ensure that on your wedding day everything will flow smoothly and naturally.

* This session duration is 1h and it will take place in Lisboa/Cascais** on a date and location*** suitable for everyone.
Being an offer it cannot be traded off for other services, discounts or refunds, even if it doesn’t take place.



The photographs will be sent according to my availability.
(up to 5 days after the session, 3 photos will be sent and the 25 photos pack will be delivered depending on my availability, within a maximum period of 90 days)

25 photographs
Color correction on all images
Images sent by " we transfer"

** This session can take place anywhere else in the world. If you wish to do it, all travel and accommodation expenses have to be borne by you, and the date must be suitable for everyone.

*** This session does not include entrance fees for private locations, in that case, all entrance fees including the one for the photographer must be paid by the client.