I'm glad you are here. It means that I will be photographing your wedding!

I love what I do and I appreciate your decision to hire me as your photographer. It means a lot to me.

This page will give you some information about the service I provide. 

The service may seem simple but it can be a complex process. It’s not just “get in”, take some pictures and it’s done.

Photography is an essentially an artwork and the photo-report has many special features.

The purpose of the photo-report is to tell the story of your event.




If you’ve chosen me as your photographer it means that you accept my photographic style and you’re aware of I do.

Every wedding is different though, because emotions, situations and spaces change.

The purpose of the wedding photo-reportage is to register the most heartfelt emotions, feelings and moments, and finally, the particular details that make your wedding day a truly and memorable day



The weather plays a very important role in the style of photography.

Rain, snow, cloudy skies, wind… All these elements can provide excellent opportunities to take memorable photographs… or not!

Nothing beats the “sunset light” with a clear sky and a gentle breeze. But I will always give my best to make sure you will get the finest possible photos whatever weather we come across.

Indoor places with low lighting are not ideal for taking photographs. The best results are realized whenever there is a lot of light available. Then again, I reassure you that I’ll do my best to make it work no matter what lighting situations we have available.



Capturing emotions is one of my goals. It comes naturally to me to constantly chase the emotions.



An equally important goal for me is to register the day always within a general context, and not private.

The wedding photo-report I do is not about shooting portraits of people. It’s about shooting situations, moments, emotions.

I will do everything to make sure the guests, and my clients, will have their photographs taken according to my particular style.



There can bit a lot of unpredictable situations happening in a wedding.

I am not responsible for the attitudes and behaviors of your guests.

I'm not your "traditional" wedding photographer, but I can also try traditional wedding photos if that’s what you’re really after, but I always need to have a creative input.

I would need you to trust me on this.

I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and normally I know the type of photographs people like to see later. What may seem like a good idea sometimes it just doesn’t work later (when you’re sober).

It may be times when I will give you, or your guests, simple instructions in order to get the best possible photo. If my instructions are not followed thoroughly I can’t take any responsibility for situations like “eyes closed”, “hands in front of the camera”, etc...



Normally I don’t take pictures during the meal. They tend to be not very interesting “photography wise”.

Nevertheless it can be done if that’s what you want. If you want photographs taken during the meal please let me know ahead of time.

If I’m available I will do my best to give you good photographs.



I use professional equipment, however, it can happen (extremely rare) that the information for some reason does not get recorded or the material itself gets damaged during the event.

This situation can be out of my control. I’ll find the best solution in the event of something like this happen. But let me say this again to make sure you don’t panic: it is very rare.



The purpose of the online gallery is to facilitate the access of guests to the wedding photographs.
Depending on availability, I will create a folder named grooms.
The password is mariarao (+) day (+) month (+) year
The gallery will be available for at least 15 days.
Maximum of 250 photos.



Each  professional in event will have to be exclusively of my team.

If any professional photographer at the wedding, the bride and groom will have to ensure that the very will not use the wedding photographs

for commercial use.



I use the work I do primarily for my personal portfolio (social networking, website, blogs). I will not commercialize in any way the photos of your event.

I’m a freelance photographer so it is very important to keep the photos I take to promote my work.

The same rule applies to you. You are free to share the photos with your friends and guests but you cannot commercialize the photos in any way without my previous consent.

If you wish to commercialize the photos we can reach some sort of agreement. Please let me know before the event that this is your wish.




Situations like accidents, delays, natural disasters, disease, or “acts of god”, may occur on the wedding day and prevent me from executing the work.

If for some reason that happens, I will do my best to provide you with a professional solution.

I will take responsibility for hiring another photographer if that is the best solution.



  unlimited time on 3 Sept.

6/7h - 1 and 2 Sept.

When team consider they have a excellent photo-reportage and don't need more time of the day the team will report the situation to the couple, and thus finish the job.




Photographs are delivered in JPEG format in High Resolution.

You will be given a minimum of 600 images  in a USB Pen Drive.

All photos will be edited with color corrected.

Extra work on the photos and post-production services  is possible but it will be charged extra. (Please see prices)

The work will be sent in 30 days after the wedding day.

the shipping  takes 5 to 12 days up to be delivered.



The payment for my services will have to be finalized from a week and up to two days before the wedding day.

I accept bank transfers (I will require proof of transaction) or cash.


The payment will have to be made in two parts:
first transfer value of € 452 in the next three days after the confirmation of these agreement.
second value of € 2098 will be paid on the wedding day in cash.

If the first value , will be not paid in three days this contract ceases.
The value of the service can change without notice if the first transfer will be not made. 



Please be aware that I book my weddings up to 120 days ahead of time.

The service may be canceled 120 days before the wedding at no additional cost.

If canceled after 120 days (before the wedding), the service will have to be paid 80% of the agreed price in order to compensate me for the financial loss.

The “reservation fee” will not be refunded.

If situations like death / disease (properly justified) occur, naturally the service may be canceled free of charge.



The date of the event can be changed but I will need to confirm availability.

If I have no other event happening in your desired date then the date may be changed free of charge.

If for some reason you decide to cancel the event (within 120 days) you will have to pay 70% of the agreed price.



The only thing I need from you in your wedding day is to enjoy your special day!

I appreciate your confidence in me.