Welcome to this page. I feel happy and honored to have been chosen as your wedding photographer.

I love my job and it means a lot to me to be responsible for your wedding photographic reportage. Thank you!

I have created this page to inform you about all the details of my wedding photography service and to make sure you’re aware of its complexity.

My wedding photographic practice is, essentially, an artistic work. Every frame needs to tell its own story and all the frames together need to tell a whole and coherent story. The photographic reportage of such a unique and special day must transform itself into something eternal and create memories. Only a discerning and the well prepared eye can make that magic happen.



You’ve chosen me as your wedding photographer so it means you identify with my unique way of capturing light and scene and my particular style and aesthetics.

As a photographer, I explore different photographic technics and I don't use the same technic throughout all the frames of the visual narrative of a wedding. Frequently I use different technics as for example depth of field or exposure contrast to enhance a particular emotion or detail. It is very important that you understand and appreciate my photographic style as it will be featured through the whole wedding reportage.

In addition, usually I use combinations of compositions, some conventional and some unorthodox always with intention of telling a good story.

Each and every wedding is unique and in each one my work is, in a way, different because I face new and singular emotions, moments and scenes.

My main goal in a wedding photography reportage is to capture emotions, feelings, and details that will tell the story of the day and make it eternal.

Climate and light conditions

In order to have natural and soft light in the photographs, it is necessary to have specific conditions.

Adverse climate conditions such as cloudy skies, rain, snow or other will set particular characteristics to the photographs.

Indoor spaces and in low light are not the most favorable or ideal for shooting. But I promise to give my best trying to circumvent some of these adverse conditions should they occur.



One of the major goals of wedding photography reportage is to capture emotions and I will, at every moment, try to succeed in doing it in a natural and spontaneous way.

Overall Context

I always try to capture the wedding day keeping in mind the overall context and not a particular one.
My wedding reportage is not only about portraits.  
I mainly seek to capture happenings, moments, and emotions.
I will try, as long as it doesn’t compromises my style or personal aesthetics, to make every guest feel special in the photographs.

spontaneous and uncontrollable moments

The complexity of a wedding photographic reportage resides in capturing spontaneous, uncontrollable and unrepeatable moments.
I can not be held accountable for any actions or conducts of any of the guests in any moment of the reportage.

Situations like, for example, closed eyes, hands in front of the camera, or other, are uncontrollable and, as you will understand, out of my control and responsibility.


Classic Photographs

My photographic reportage includes photographs of the bride and the groom with their close relatives.
During the event, I will suggest which, in my opinion, is the best time for shooting in terms of photography and aesthetics. If by any chance the bride and the groom will find that time to be unsuited the shooting of those photographs may be compromised and that risk is their own responsibility.
I can only shoot photographs with the other guests in mini weddings (up to 60/70 guests) and follows the same opportunity criteria as referred above.

Photographs during meals

Usually I don’t take photographs during meals because they're not interesting either photographically or aesthetically.

If you wish to capture any special moment during a meal you must inform me previously so that I can be aware and prepared. I will gladly capture that moment as long as I have all the necessary conditions for good photographs in that particular context.

Data Saving

All the material I use to work is professional.
I always check if it is in perfect working conditions before starting the photographic reportage.
However, one must be prepared for any technical failure, for example, the information not getting recorded or any of the material is damaged during the event.

These are situations of technical nature, very rare in my experience, but are totally outside the professional responsibility. If any imponderable will happen I assure you I will make every effort to minimize the damage.


By default, all photographs from a wedding reportage can become part of my portfolio either real or virtual (social media, website, blogs) however I will never ever sell them.

The dissemination of my work is essential to my practice as an independent professional.

The photographic work is covered by copyright and hence are reserved all its copyrights and trade rights. No one can use it for commercial purposes without my consent and its legal assignment must be made by an agreement.



By default it is considered that the disclosure rights of the images are of Maria Rão that can use it to disseminate her work. If you wish to have exclusivity on the disclosure rights of the images a special fee will aplly. Please consult me on that matter.


Online Gallery

The wedding reportage will be made available to all guests through an online gallery.
This gallery will be available after the photographic work is sent to the Bride and the Groom, or in a couple of days after, depending on my availability.
The gallery will be identified by the Bride’s and Groom’s names and will have an access password resulting from the following scheme combining the date of your wedding:
Example: Ann and John's Wedding September 20th, 2016

The gallery will be available for a maximum period of 35 days. You will have a maximum of 250 photographs with a resolution for printing up to the size of 10x15cm.



In case you have ordered an album its value must be paid on the wedding day or, exceptionally, before it is sent for production.

After receiving your photographs you’ll have a maximum of 3 months period to send me back your selection of about 150-170 photographs. The normal time of pagination is around 15-45 days. During that period, a final version will be sent for you to approve.

After your approval, it will take approximately 4 weeks to be produced.

If the final selection of photographs is not sent to me in a following 3 months period of time the final price of the album may increase.

In case the payment is made before production it must be made in a 15 days period of time. If not the album will not be produced and the Maria Rão Wedding Reportage Service will be considered complete.


I am subject to unpredictable situations like accidents, transportation delays, natural disasters, diseases, and others that may prevent me from performing the photographic reportage service on your wedding day.
In case it happens I will try to provide a substitute professional photographer at no extra charge for the customer. All additional costs will be covered by me.

Extra Photographers

All professional photographers present at the wedding must exclusively be from my team.

If by any chance there will be another professional photographer you must inform me before and make sure that his/hers photographs will not be sold or be part of another professional photographer portfolio.


The duration of my service is unlimited, however, I reserve the right to inform the newlyweds of my intention to end the reportage as soon as I feel that I have good and enough frames of the party and of its main moments.

Note: To ensure that I will always be at my best artistic performance I must take some breaks throughout the day.


I will provide the photographs in JPEG format in high resolution.
RAW files can be delivery but will be charged separately. Its values can be provided upon request.
You will receive a minimum of 600 images recorded on a pen drive
All photos will be edited with color correction.
Other corrections and post-production services are considered and extra service and must be ordered and charged separately. Its values can be provided upon request.



My traveling expenses in the Lisbon, Oporto and Marrakesh areas are included in my service. Traveling to anywhere else in Portugal or Morroco will have an extra cost of 0,45€/km.



In case the wedding takes place outside of Lisbon or Marrakesh there will be an extra accommodation fee of one night in the value of 80€. And if the wedding is going to take place before 11am I will need to be around the day before and the accommodation fee will be of 160€.



During the event the client must provide similar meals to the photographer and her team and ensure it will be served in decent facilities and conditions.

The client may choose not to do so as long as it's communicated in advance. In this case, the client will be charged 60€ per person, on the event day, and there must be a restaurant in a 5km radius of the venue.



Every travel, accommodation and meal expenses must be paid by the client and the stay will never be less than 3 days. My Wedding Reportage Service costs the same where ever it takes place. It is considered to be an International location as long as it's outside Portugal or Morroco and the same conditions of traveling and accommodation expenses apply to the extra photographer.



After reading and accepting this contract agreement you must make a bank deposit of 50% of the value of the quote to a bank account number I will provide by email. The remaining 50% its due until the wedding day, by bank deposit as long as you send me a confirmation two days prior to the wedding day or in cash on the wedding day.
This 50% deposit guarantees my availability for the specific date* of your wedding.

Your method of payment must be communicated to me in time by email and all international bank transfer fees must be paid by the client.

All items of my service which are stated as offers cannot be traded off by other items or discounts.

*if the 50% bank deposit isn't made until 3 days after the date of approval of this contract agreement I can book another wedding for the same date.


CancelLation by The Client

The service can be canceled at no extra charge by the client since it's communicated until 120 days before the wedding date. In case it is canceled 120 to 60 days before the wedding the client will have to pay a compensation fee of 35% of the total quote.
If canceled in the last 30 days before the date the value of 100% total of the initial quote must be paid.
The 50% deposit which grants I will be available for the specific wedding day will not be returned in any situation what so ever.
The service can be canceled at no extra costs in case of death/disease if properly certified.
Any kind of cancellation must be communicated by email ou by registered post to:
Maria Rão, R. Rui Sequeira, 62, 2750-190 Cascais, Portugal.
The payment of the cancellation fees must be made in a 15 days period after the cancellation is communicated to the same bank account as the 50% deposit. In the end of that period legal procedures will take place with all court expenses charged to the client.


CancelLation by The PHOTOGRAPHER

The service may be canceled if any of the terms of the service is not abide by the client without formal notice and mutual agreement.

The service may be canceled if the payment of the reservation is not made or if the payment of the final value on the day of the event is not made or a document of the bank transfer is not presented.

The service may be canceled if at any time before or during the event, there is a misconduct, verbal or physical abuse by the client towards any of the photography team members.


Date Change

The date can be changed according to my agenda.

If the new date is free we can make the change at no extra cost.

If the new date is already booked it is considered to be a cancellation of service and a compensation fee of 30% of the total quote is in order.



The photographer is responsible for all her equipment and shall ensure its safety throughout the day. In the event of theft or damage by not ensuring its safety it is the photographer responsiblity and she will have to meet all the restoration costs.

In case of damage caused by third parties during the event the photographer will not be liable and all resulting costs will be the client's responsibility.

The photogprapher has the right to decline making photographs that will put the photographic equipment at risk.


Both Maria Rão and the client must abide to the terms of service described on these pages.
A copy of these terms of service will be sent with the quote by email and it is considered that on that date these terms were read and accepted by the client.


And on the wedding day...?

The only thing I will need is for you to be relaxed and to act naturally and joyfully, after all, it is your own special day!

Thank you very much for your preference and trust on my work.


Please download the Terms and Conditions PDF available on the button bellow

and send it to me after you have filled it out. Thank you!